Course Evaluations
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The course evaluations completed by students are very important for both students and faculty. Students use the evaluations to aid in their selection of courses. Faculty use the evaluation results to better understand student perceptions of the course content and instructional effectiveness, and as a guide for determining when changes are needed to improve the course. To acknowledge excellence in teaching the deans send letters of congratulations to individual faculty when the overall instructor and course evaluations are rated as excellent. These faculty members are also featured on the School’s homepage.

The course evaluations have additional importance because the aggregate information contributes to determining what aspects of teaching skills, course design, and instructor knowledge or interpersonal skills should be addressed in the Faculty Teaching Workshops sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Please note that instructors do not receive the course evaluation results until after each term’s grades are due; the evaluations are anonymous.

For the information derived from course evaluations to be valid, it is essential that the evaluation response rate for each course be high, ideally 100%. In order to encourage the highest possible response rate, student grades will not become available until the student has submitted course evaluations for all courses that he or she is taking for credit (Auditors are not eligible for participating in course evaluations). If a student fails to complete all course evaluations by the date on which the evaluation system closes, neither grades nor the unofficial transcript will be accessible to the student for an additional period of one week.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your course evaluations. They are very important for maintaining and improving the quality of our academic programs.

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